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What can I get out of coaching?

Coaching can help you gain perspective, teach you new strategies, give you a better sense of direction, get you out of stuckness, improve your productivity, enhance your professional and personal relationships etc. Depending on your goals and intention, it can have a far reaching transformational impact on all aspects of your life.


What are your credentials?

I am a Certified Professional Coach and Licensed Psychotherapist. I have a post graduate degree in Marriage and family therapy and have had many advanced trainings in counseling, psychotherapy, self-development, and mindfulness.


How is coaching different from counseling or psychotherapy?

Counseling/Psychotherapy is generally suited for an individual who may have underlying mental illness such as Major Depression, Bi-polar disorder, Panic Disorder, Alcohol and Drug Dependence etc. The role of the counselor is to diagnose and development treatment plans aimed at remediating symptoms and helping to restore quality of life for the client.

Coaching is generally suited for an individual who is generally high functioning, but looking to improve their life and take it to the next level. The role of the coach is to help the client identify and clarify their goals, learn life skills, and identify self-sabotaging patterns so that the client can take steps toward and achieve his/her goals.


What is a coaching session like?

While each session is unique, a coaching session usually begins with establishing the goal or outcome the client wants to achieve. It may be to discuss and explore a specific issue that has come up for the client that day or one that is further reaching. The client and coach will work together to address all issues related to the goal. This may involve discussing previous actions taken determining what works and what doesn’t, looking at perceptions and beliefs and how they may affect the goal becoming realized, exploring possible obstacles to the goal developing strategies to overcome them, etc. The client will most always gain clarity, direction, new skills, understanding and confidence.


How long is each session?

Coaching sessions are typically 50-60 minutes.


How do I choose a coach?

There are several questions you want to ask yourself when choosing a coach. Does the coach have expertise in the area you are seeking them for?  Does the coach’s style and personality resonate with you? Does the coach make you feel supported, encouraged, respected? Every client will have their own unique set of needs. While there are a plethora of coaches to choose from with vastly different backgrounds and skill sets, what’s most important in choosing a coach is making sure the coach meets your specific needs. You are making an investment in yourself and no doubt want the most return on your investment.


Do I have to come to my coaching session in person?

No, Coaching sessions are conducted via telephone and/or videoconferencing as to accommodate clients from every state as well as international clients.

I offer all new clients a free discovery session. This is an opportunity to learn about you what you want out of coaching and for us to mutually determine if we are a good fit.



Do you accept insurance?

Coaching is not eligible for insurance reimbursement.

Psychotherapy clients whom reside in New Jersey may be eligible for insurance reimbursement for a percentage of their fee depending on their healthcare benefits plan. Check with your plan to see whether or not you have ‘out of network’ benefits.